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Professionally, first and foremost, I am a sales person. I am all about TAKING ACTION. I am not scared of anything really, even cold calling – I’ve done a ton of it in my life. I am also a marketer. My first ‘real job’ was offered to me in 2008 shortly before the crash. I was one of the last in who got to stay on board, and I never forgot that.

I was introduced to sales at that time and I grew the company’s portfolio by millions of dollars. This had such a huge impact on me. I am resourceful, I am direct, I am fast paced. Some have branded me as ‘fiercely independent’. People very quickly take to just calling me ‘Mel’ I think because they learn quickly that I don’t have time to wait to hear the ‘anie’ portion of my name. But that’s not to say that I’m curt at all, I just love efficiency and not wasting time. I love networking, chatting, building relationships, helping other people grow their business by referrals. I very much believe that rising tides lift all boats and there is more than enough business to go around.

Personally, I am a mom and wife. my family is very important to me. We love the outdoors all year long, we love Maine, we snowboard in the winter. I am an activist. I am very passionate about advocating for women, women entrepreneurship, reproductive freedom, equality in the workplace, etc.

My baby brother (he’s 37 lol) is a very high functioning developmentally disabled man. He lives in a group home in Portsmouth and works at Portsmouth Hospital. I am on the board that oversees his group home. Advocating on his behalf, and on behalf of others with developmental disabilities, is important to me. I think bringing a fully integrated sales and marketing perspective is important.

Helping clients stay on point and on target – don’t do events, don’t speak to leads just because ‘it feels good, it feels right’. events or marketing spend needs to directly link back to a sales objective – period! An unqualified lead, even if you are on the same board, you play at the same golf club, whatever…it’s still an unqualified lead! Some aspects of my approach are coaching like.

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