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Sales & Marketing technology have you stumped? I can help.

Are you a small business owner feeling stuck in a rut with your current sales and marketing process? Are you avoiding bringing in new technology because there is not enough time to figure out what is right for your company? 

get unstuck

Your competitor isn’t ignoring new technology so why should you? 

step one

The first step is an audit of your current sales process and technology. We will find which software product is right for your organization to build efficiency and automation into your process.

step two – tell your story

Surveys & Testimonials

Build credibility with your new customers by sharing what current and past customers have to say.


Use video to tell the story of your brand because video is king in the realm of storytelling.  


Print Materials

I can help you design and publish print materials because they remain a relevant and powerful medium.



Blogs have evolved in the last decade and transformed into multimedia platforms for your brand story.


It’s common to hear “I don’t know what to say” in a newsletter, but I promise – your clients want to hear from you. I can help.

Social Media

Does your company need a social media presence? Probably – but let’s discover which channel will work best for your goals.

get the tools you need to build your SAles & marketing plan confidently

Create A Clear Path 

When you create time to identify where your ideal clients are finding you, you have the first piece of the marketing plan puzzle. Create the message that makes the most sense for that channel and then test. Drive your next steps by the results of the test, not trends. 

Let’s Start a Conversation

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